Living Our Best Life

So it’s been quite a few months since I’ve actually had the time to sit down and write or even sit down for that matter! Life with two babies in diapers is definitely no joke and the days sometimes run together between naps and bedtime!

Bryan…Language Barriers? 

1adc3279-6fb7-4e66-909c-9d15fffc25dbSince we last updated, Bryan is now 2 years old and starting to talk a little more. For a while I was concerned because people kept asking me why he wasn’t talking yet or why the words he was saying wasn’t as clear as others his age. I was constantly making excuses for him and telling people that he was at the stage that if you weren’t around him enough you weren’t going to understand him.

Why was I making excuses?! My 2-year-old son wasn’t behind! He may not be speaking clearly, but the more I thought about it and watched him in his daily routine, the more I realized that Bryan was communicating with us.

He was telling us when he needed a diaper change, when he wanted something from the fridge or when he just wanted to go to bed. It may not have been verbally but he was using all of his nonverbal gestures he’d picked up since birth to let us know he needed or wanted something.58456616812__d294d7ee-0440-4d75-8358-e00efdf6091f

Even more so, he was learning two languages…TWO!! It’s not like he’s only learning one language and wasn’t picking it up. I’ve noticed that half of his sentences are mixed with English and Vietnamese words. He understands when we speak to him in both languages.

I finally realized Bryan wasn’t the problem, him being compared to other children was! As a teacher I know that every child is different and learns differently at their own pace, I needed to realize this as a parent.

While he’s still learning, he’s also shown us that he is an AMAZING big brother to Kennedy. He’s constantly trying to show her love {much to Kennedy’s dismay…she’s not a cuddler like him}! When she cries he’ll go find her pacifier or her bottle and give it to her. When we’re changing her diaper, if the dirty one is in his reach, he’ll throw it away. The only thing that he hasn’t really grasped yet is sharing his toys {but we’ll get there one day}!

Kennedy…Two Toddlers Under 1 Roof! 

img_2752Kennedy is already a year old! We cannot believe how fast time is flying by!

She’s the sweetest little girl, but she’s got quite the sassy attitude. Recently, she picked up screaming at the top of her lungs when she doesn’t get what she wants {we’re working on putting that in check}!

She’s already standing on her own and we’re hoping that she’ll walk in the next few weeks! Kennedy learns so fast, but I’m pretty sure it’s because she has her brother to look up to.

When the two of them are getting along {which happens a lot more than not}, they are constantly getting into EVERYTHING! We can’t keep our eyes off them or leave them alone for a second! We’re constantly joking that when the two of them and their 1.5 year old cousin are together, the three of them are like little tornadoes {Kennedy will definitely be the one calling the shots}!img_2374

It’s crazy how careful we were with Bryan when he was her age, the second he fell or cried we ran right to him, but with Kennedy, although still very cautious, we’re not as “helicopter” as before. I guess that’s what always happens after the first child, you start to pick up the differences between a fake cry and a real one!

Tory…Moving on Up! 

It’s been quite a year so far for Tory too! He’s finally in a management position after years of trying to show he has what it takes but his previous managers just not seeing it or not giving him the chance! I’m so proud of him and all that he’s accomplished this year!

He started as the overnight manager for the last couple of months, but he just recently transitioned back to days {YAY!} and is the new Merchandising Manager at Sam’s Club {I hope I have that title right! I know for sure that he’s in charge of Center and Hardlines, which is what he was a team lead for before we moved back to Michigan}.

img_2377He works so hard to provide for our family! He’s been so dedicated to getting us into a newer, safer home to raise our kids and we finally did it! We moved into our dream home and have finally had the time to settle down from the madness of selling, buying and moving homes and Kennedy’s 1st Birthday party! It’s been a crazy few months!

Me…Multitasking Like a Boss {HA!}!

Life has never been on the slow path for me. Things have always been on the fast track and have always been constantly busy. Busy may not even be the best word? This year I’ve managed to juggle 3 part-time jobs, being a full-time mom and here’s the kicker…GETTING INTO GRAD SCHOOL!!!

I’ve wanted for so long to be a Spartan and it’ll finally come true this Fall when I start my Master’s degree program at MSU! I’m so extremely excited and even more so blessed that I have Tory’s support through all of this!a919824e-6eeb-4971-b98d-aa33f80c2139

In the last few months since all of this has been happening, it’s the quiet moments, like now, when all of the house is still and I can finally sit down to write or even to catch a breath, that I realize how much things have changed. I have lost friends and I have gained some.

I have learned that even the closest friends can become complete strangers. I’ve learned that the people that matter the most are the ones that have made an effort to be a part of my kids’ lives and have been supportive of both Tory and I…and, unfortunately, that circle has become smaller and smaller as each month has passed.

Was I hurt? Yeah, at first. But then I realized that my time was better spent with those that wanted to be a part of this journey and path that my family was on. Tory and I are both working towards living our best lives for our kids and our future.

img_2660If it means that we lose people on the way, then I guess that it’s something we have to learn to deal with. Having friends is nice, but having friends that are supportive and love our kids as much as we love them is even more important to us.

We are extremely grateful to those who have stuck around for this adventure with us! New home, two toddlers, grad school and two working parents… We can’t wait to see what this new chapter brings! Hopefully you stick around to see!