How LadyBossBlogger Taught Me What it Takes to be an Influencer

I have worked for years on my blog and for a long time, it was something that was just a hobby that I would go to every now and then when I wanted to vent or if I had time on my hands. It wasn’t until this quarantine when my life really slowed down that I realized, I want to be permanently at home with my babies and I needed to find a way to make that happen. 

I went to school to become a journalist and never pursued this career path after walking across that graduation stage. Instead, I became a teacher and spent the last 4 years in the classroom. 

I’ve talked about it before, how for the last couple of years since becoming a mom, my dreams were quickly changing. It seemed impossible to be able to be home, but still, be able to financially support my family. 

I’ve looked into so many different courses and training to help me make this dream of mine become a reality! 

Since I started the How To Make Money As An Influencer course by LadyBossBlogger, it’s been a major gamechanger and it’s definitely opened up my eyes to the possibility that my dream of being a stay-at-home mom while still earning an income is possible – it just takes a little hard work and an investment in our future! 

What I’ve Learned in my First Week: 

The course is structured in a way that’s very different from other courses that I’ve taken in the past. It’s actually given to you in a text format and broken down into several different sections. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those learners that have to read things in order to remember them and truly soak in all the information! 

Each section is so easy to read that it doesn’t take much time in my day at all to go through a few sections at a time. I’ve spent maybe 30 minutes at most each day going through the courses. 

Here’s what I’ve gone through so far with the Influencer course- 

  1. Introduction 
    1. Course Overview-Expectations
    2. How to Stand Out as an Influencer
    3. 9 Beginner Mistakes that You Won’t Be Making
    4. 13 Latest Instagram Engagement Hacks
    5. Sponsored Posts I’ve Done in Over 20 Niches
    6. Extremely Lucrative Niches for Influencers
  2. Branding 
    1. Personal Brand vs. Professional Brand (Which to Choose?)
    2. 8 Ways to Create a Stunning Feed + Beautiful Brand
    3. Costly Mistakes Everyone Makes With Their Bio
    4. 21 Ways to Build a Brand That Brands Want to Work With
    5. Design Your Brand Around a Business Plan
    6. 10 Questions to Help Define Your Target Audience

The course is broken down into 8 sections with a 9th bonus section. The remaining sections include: 

  1. Content
  2. Pitching 
  3. Brands
  4. Money
  5. Legal
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bonuses

What I Love About This Course: 

I’ve always wanted to be a successful blogger and find a way to make an income from it, so I’ve looked into so many different courses and trainings to help me with this process. And guys, if you’re like me, you’ve found a lot of information out there, but some of it probably wasn’t worth the cost or just left you more confused… Trust me! I’ve been there! 

What I really love about this course is that it actually breaks down how to help me find my niche. So many other courses have told me to go find my niche but it doesn’t tell me HOW (that might help, right?)! Once you find your niche, it’s broken down even further into some brands you could potentially reach out to for collaborations and deals! 

I love that this course gives real-life examples of influencers who are successful and it’s not just their testimonials, it showcases examples from their feeds to show you what your social media feed could look like. 


All I can say is, I wish that I had found this course long before all the confusion and frustration kicked in! It’s given me a brand new sense of hope that I can actually make this business work for my current lifestyle as a stay-at-home mom, juggling graduate school, and two very mobile toddlers!

How much does it cost?

Let’s be honest, if you’re serious about launching your own brand, we all know that it takes an investment to become successful! If you’re really serious about launching a successful blog and becoming an influencer who actually makes money, then they’re 100% worth it.

If you’d like to try the LadyBossBlogger course at a significantly reduced rate, you can use my code MEGANSWANK at checkout for a 40% discount.

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