Bringing Faith Back into My Life

I have always been a planner! I’ve always had to use a physical planner with multiple pen colors. Each color represented something different, whether it was a different activity or priority based. This is how I kept my life organized!

As a wife, mom, entrepreneur and student, it means that I’m constantly having things added to my daily schedule and it’s hard to keep track of on my phone. I’ve gone through so many different planners to find the perfect one for me and for my life!

The undated planner by Christian Planner is hands down the BEST planner I have ever used!

There’s space for daily, weekly and monthly planning, accountability trackers and, my favorite, a section each week for Sunday Service notes! This space gives you the chance to write and draw things that spoke to me while listening to service!

I’ve always known how important it is to have faith in every aspect of my life but Christian Planner has really taken that to the next level by giving us resources to help us implement our faith into our daily routines and work schedule!

My life has always been on the go! With 3 part-time jobs, going to school part-time, raising two toddlers and running own business, you would think it could get chaotic! It does at times, but that’s why I’ve always loved having a planner and having something that I can write things down in.

My planner is the one accountability tool that never let’s me down! It never lets me forget things and now, I have a way of holding myself accountable for my goals, my routines and my faith all in one place! I love that at the top of each week, there’s a faith based quote or Bible verse! It’s a reminder for me each day that without faith, none of this would be possible! It’s also a reminder for me on the toughest days that I need to turn to my faith for guidance!

A unique aspect of the Christian Planner, is that it provides a space each week for Sunday Services notes and reflections. So many times I feel like we just go to services and go through the motions.

I know that since I’ve started writing down my thoughts and my reactions while listening to service, it stays with me much longer than just the one hour that I’m sitting there listening! It gives me a way to look back on past week’s messages and reflect on it each week as I begin a new week of work.

This part of the planner also has a plan for how I can improve my relationship with God, myself and others each week. This planner has so many different ways to hold us accountable for our actions and our goals each week!

Since I started using this, I’ve felt so much more connected to my faith in all aspects of my life and so much more organized than before! I don’t feel like life is as chaotic as it may sound when I tell people I have 3 part-time jobs, go to school part-time, raising two toddlers at home and creating my own business. I’m not crazy, I just found a tool that has helped me stay organized!