Breakpoint Reached

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” -James 1:2-4 (NIV)

The last few weeks, the journey of motherhood has pushed me to my limits. It has pushed me to my breaking point and it has made me feel like I wasn’t worth being a mother. That I had failed my kids and that I will continue to keep failing my kids because I wasn’t good enough.

Last week, I allowed myself to be vulnerable and opened up about the trying week I had had as a mama and wanted to remind all mamas that we aren’t alone in all of this.

But what I needed to remind myself was that sometimes it’s okay to be alone. Sometimes it’s okay to need to stand alone and stand your ground when it comes to your children.

While last week, I hated being the “bad guy or the mean parent” to my babies, this week, I hated that I needed to be the “bad guy” towards my family. I needed to stand my ground and to be able to say “No,” even if it meant that it would upset some family members.

We live in a society that pushes several different opinions on us as parents and we are constantly being told or made to feel that if we don’t do something one way or we don’t let our children do something, we are not being good parents. We are not doing what’s been done for generations or we’re not parenting the way we were parented, and that’s not good.

No one can judge us and how we choose to be parents, but God. Only His opinion matters the most.

I truly believe that God not only made us unique as individuals, but He also made us unique as parents. Every mama and daddy’s journey through parenthood is completely different than the next.

Yes, we may experience similar situations and people may offer their opinions and advice, but that’s just it… Those are only opinions and advice. It’s not something we need to do every time or something we must follow.

Today, while listening to Sunday Service with Hillsong East Coast and hearing the opening scripture in James 1:1-13… I realized that while I may be going against the grain or what’s expected as a mama, I’m creating my own path.

I’m becoming a unique mama and not a mama like the rest of my family because every situation my babies and I go through on this journey is completely different than the one that anyone else before me has gone through. While we can use others as our examples, it doesn’t mean that we must use them as instructions down to the T.

“Our calling doesn’t come without negatives voices.”

This journey of motherhood will always come with trials and the opinions of others, it doesn’t mean that we cannot pave our own way as mothers, that we are bad mothers if we don’t follow this advice or we choose to do something differently.

We need to find the joy in our journey as mothers again if we have lost that joy. Or if you haven’t lost that joy, continue to hold onto it even when others are finding a way to show you that what you’re doing makes you a “bad parent.”

God made us mamas for a reason and brought each of our children into our lives at a certain point in our lives for a reason. Our journeys as mamas has a purpose and we need to trust that God’s plans for us will alway be far greater than the ones we have for ourselves.

God will make a way when there seems to be no way.” -Meredith Pizzurro

I’m putting my faith in Him that His plans for me as a mama is far greater and that all the trails I face on this journey is only shaping me to be a stronger mama for my family.

Dear God, I pray for all the mamas on this journey you have given us and that you give us the strength, grace and patience we need to be the most amazing examples of your love for our children. I pray for the mama reading this that she feels your love and your guidance on her journey and that she understands and embraces her uniqueness that this role brings to her life and her children’s lives. Amen.

Mama, I hope you have an amazing week ahead of you with your babies and if there’s anything you need, know that I’m always here!

Add a little “swank” into your life and follow your heart! Have an awesome week!