Give Yourself Grace

Have you just had one of those days where you’re sitting on the couch, listening to some music, a song comes on and it just breaks you? Whatever will power you had to keep things together for however long you have been doesn’t matter anymore? A rush of emotions just overcomes you and it allContinue reading “Give Yourself Grace”

The Journey Ahead

I can’t remember a time that I never wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I can remember the push-back I received from those in my life when I would tell them what I wanted to do. “Why would you want to waste your life doing that?” Those words still pierce my heart to this day.Continue reading “The Journey Ahead”

A Mother’s Journey

Growing up, I was surrounded by strong, dedicated, loving, successful women. My role models weren’t celebrities, politicians or educators. Whenever I was asked who I looked up to or who I wanted to be like when I grew up, I thought of those who were a part of my own family and shared my blood.Continue reading “A Mother’s Journey”

Seriously, Why?!?!

I could already feel the eyes rolling to the back of their heads as I told family and friends that I’ve started my own business. I could hear the “virtual” walls going up between us as they mutter “OMG! You too?!” Six months ago these reactions are the exact same ones I had too… Now?Continue reading “Seriously, Why?!?!”

You Are Worth It

“God doesn’t give you the people you want. He gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you the person you were meant to be.”  It’s in the quiet moments during nap time and bed time at night when I have theContinue reading “You Are Worth It”

Living Our Best Life

So it’s been quite a few months since I’ve actually had the time to sit down and write or even sit down for that matter! Life with two babies in diapers is definitely no joke and the days sometimes run together between naps and bedtime! Bryan…Language Barriers?  Since we last updated, Bryan is now 2Continue reading “Living Our Best Life”