The Swanky Life LLC

I help mama entrepreneurs…

✻ 10x their sales on social media with engaging content
✻ Grow their social media influence/presence
✻ Take away the stress of content creation
✻ Get back time with their family & friends

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This is for you if…

✻ You don’t feel confident about the posts you create
✻ You don’t have time to create the copy for your posts
✻ You don’t have time to engage with your audience after posting

This isn’t for you if…

✻ You need an assistant to help you with general admin tasks
✻ You aren’t using social media to grow your business

Ultimately, this is for you if…

✻ Your business has grown faster on social media than you can keep up with!
✻ You would like to hand off content creation so you can focus on the bigger picture!

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What Does It Mean for You?

✻ More time to spend doing what you love!
✻ More time with your family and friends!
✻ Less stress about writing the content and creating the graphics yourself!
✻ Having your business work while you’re on vacation!

Book a 30-minute discovery call so we can get to work and help you grow your presence online!

What are Women who Have Worked with The Swanky Life Saying?

“Megan is a lifeline for my business, she joined my team eager to learn and helped identify gaps in my business that she could fill. She works independently with very little instruction, allowing me to focus on income profiting activities.” -Carla M.

“I’m grateful for my first assistant being Megan! She does an awesome job! We connected right away and she is organized and a great sounding board too and understand my business! It’s as if we have 2 minds working together to make it easier for me to work directly with my team and clients. I trust her judgement. She completes tasks and I don’t need to check and make sure.” -Carla A.

“Megan, in a very short time, has helped me so much! Social media exhausts me! Consistency is so important in my business yet I failed miserably. She’s got me on a weekly schedule of posts that are interesting and not just talking about my product. She has streamlined my weekly tasks, creating documents and forms to make it easier for my customers.” -June A.

“Megan has been a lifesaver to my crazy online business! She is very professional and quick to respond. She has had some great ideas on my social media marketing and has helped me grow my audience. She is very good with various tools and resources and has made my life so much easier!”
-Melissa H.

The Swanky Life Services

The Mama Behind it All

As a mama to two toddlers and an infant, Megan Swank completely understands the desire for parents to want to be able to spend more time with their babies but continue to build their dream business as entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur herself, she has learned to juggle the many different roles and understands the need to out-source some work so that more time can be spent enjoying life with our children rather than just wishing we could!

Megan graduated from the University of St. Thomas (Houston, TX) in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Journalism/PR and a minor in Marketing. In 2021, she graduated from the Michigan State University with a Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum with a concentration in K-12 Administration. GO SPARTANS!

Check out some of the recent work done for past “The Swanky Life” clients on Trello and book a 30-minute discovery call today!