Social Media Management
-Sending daily birthday messages on Facebook
-Keeping up with engagement on posts
-Facebook group management

Content Creation
-Graphic creation for engagement on social media accounts
-Captions for social media posts
-Editing and proofreading content
-Monthly team recognition graphics

Blog Management
-Editing blog posts
-Scheduling blog posts

Inbox Management
-Checking social media inboxes on a daily basis
-Checking and replying to emails
-Checking and managing Project Broadcast messages and campaigns

Party Management
-Schedule party posts for social media parties
-Keep up with party engagement on all posts
-Selecting prize winners at the end of parties

Calendar Management
-Editing monthly calendar
-Scheduling appointments

Account Management
-Setup new social media and technology accounts
-Updating accounts with relevant links (Milkshake, Linktree, etc.)
-Keeping all current accounts up-to-date


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